Why 65% of CIOs are focused on outsourcing IT services rather than doing it in-house

Why managed IT services are a better fit for Vancouver SMEs than limited skilled internal IT technicians.

Small and medium size business owners are looking for outsourced IT Service Providers in order to reduce costs, increase the quality of IT services, increase resource availability, and reduce business risk. Hiring an in-house IT Technician means costly commitments to salaries, potential risks from having a single IT point of view, and limiting growth and control over the business.

Outsourcing IT services reduces cost:
Although there are many good reasons for IT outsourcing, cost reduction remains one of the major benefits. Outsourcing IT services avoids the direct and indirect costs of performing service internally, and aims to reduce overall operating expenses. Hiring in-house technicians is risky because it is hard to identify their skill level and how their decision making will benefit or harm the company’s bottom line and long term objectives. Outsourced IT Service Providers are in a better position to select, train, evaluate and maintain reliable IT staff and skill levels across multiple IT disciplines.

IT service outsourcing increases continuity and availability:
More and more small and medium size business owners and managers understand the need for IT service continuity and availability management. This is achieved by having clear communications in simple language, availability beyond a regular work schedule that might include absences and vacation time, and quick resolution of IT events and day-to-day concerns that affect your business, no matter what their current workload.

Outsourced IT Service Providers are in a much better position to benefit from the knowledge collected from their pool of clients and finding timely solutions for them. This results in greater IT service availability and faster resolutions, as a fully staffed help desk does not get sick, take vacations, or is too busy on other projects to assist your critical needs. This also means that knowledge of your IT systems is not lost when internal IT staff members part ways with their company.

Using Managed IT Service Providers reduces business risks:
Making incorrect technology and infrastructure decisions presents substantial risks to business’ success and affects their bottom line. In-house based IT technology strategies and decision making may be based on employees’ previous experiences, biases towards the status quo, and limitations due to their individual comfort zones.

Reducing risks can be achieved by maintaining better infrastructure security and regulatory compliance. This is best implemented by a Managed IT Service Provider that is familiar with industry best practices, standards, and regulatory requirements. In addition, IT Service Providers have proven processes and procedures that allow then to better manage and automate major IT functions, such as vulnerability assessments, critical email retention, and secure data backups.

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