We’re not going to feed you a bunch of lines about how “technology should be a competitive advantage to your business”. Unless you are in the technology space, most of the time IT is a drag on your business. We get that. We focus on minimizing your IT footprint so you can get on with what you actually do for a living.

Sandbox West was founded in 1993 and is based in Vancouver BC. With technicians and technology consultants across Canada we service clients coast to coast. We operate our own secure DataCentre meaning less overhead for customers and invest heavily in our small but highly experienced team of technologists (each of us have a minimum of 15 plus years experience).

We focus on providing Managed Services through the cloud.  This allows small businesses to have the same infrastructure, security, scalability and help desk services enjoyed by larger corporations but at a low monthly cost. Our staff operate 24/7, even if your organization does not.


We approach each new project with a proven discovery process: 



1. Discuss your needs

We work with you to examine your current IT infrastructure, and identify what areas we can improve to best meet your expectations.


2. Present options

Based on your needs, we research the best available solutions for your workplace.


 3. Recommend a solution

Based on our research and your budget, we present a proposal that shows the pros and cons of available solutions, along with our recommendations.


 4. Install & Implement

Once you have chosen your solution, our team develops an installation plan based on your timeline and requirements. We work closely with you to minimize any disruption to your workplace.


5. Educate

Our staff is available to provide personalized instruction and training for key team members before, during, and after implementation.


6. Support

We provide ongoing support and expertise designed to fit your budget, business goals and future plans.

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